Deepa Patel

Deepa Patel
 Independent Consultant
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: London
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I am an independent consultant, whose main areas of interest are the arts, campaigning, working with young people and the process of conversation, contemplation and collaboration. My work involves strategic planning, fundraising, facilitation and managing people and resources. I developed an award-winning magazine for young people in Portsmouth and worked on citizenship projects in schools for Common Purpose.

I helped establish an audience development and music education program for Serious at the London Jazz Festival and for 10 years worked as a live music producer. My interest in issues facing young people led me into the field of sexual health and HIV/AIDS where I worked with Terrence Higgins Trust, the first HIV/AIDS charity in the UK, and for Action Aid setting up its UK campaign on HIV/AIDS. At present, I am an Associate of the Helen Storey Foundation and for People United, a creative laboratory and arts charity, which explores how the arts can inspire kindness, community and social change.

The art and skill of collaboration and facilitation is one of my main interests and I work with boards, staff teams, young people and strangers. I was a facilitator for Free Radicals, a NESTA funded project on innovative collaboration which brought together academics from different universities in the UK and now collaborates on issues around sustainability with the Centre for Sustainable Fashion at the London College of Fashion.

Volunteering has played a major part in my life. I have volunteered with Theodore Zeldin on the art of conversation and at a children’s hospice in West Sussex. At present I am the Chair of Tamasha Theatre Company and the Loss Foundation, a bereavement support service for people who have lost loved ones to cancer. I am also a member of the Wisdom Council for Seven Pillars, a contemporary house of wisdom based in the USA.