Dirk Dittrich

THRIVE - Class 02

Dirk Dittrich
Director Corporate Relations
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Bremen
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The commercial real estate industry is in the middle of a tremendous shift towards a sustainable, user-centric, and healthy future. Silos are being broken open and collaboration between all stakeholders is and will be key to a bright future. In my role as Director Corporate Relations at office building developer EDGE, I am managing those stakeholders to do exactly that: opening up silos, creating value through collaboration and knowledge transfer, and thereby making future projects happen. People that know me tell me that I can connect the dots in an environment where the dots aren’t always visible, like not many others… For sure one reason why I enjoy my work a lot.

Born and raised in Germany, I was offered a soccer scholarship to study and play in the USA. I have studied Intercultural Management and – back in Germany – did my Masters’ degree in Business Psychology. Understanding and enjoying the different people, pieces, and places on our lovely planet to then create value and opportunities has its professional fundaments in my studies but is also what makes my heart bump and soul smile in private life. It makes me happy to connect, enable, and lead into new, exciting moments, friendships, plans.

I see myself as a thought leader and playing captain. Giving impulses, truly understanding needs, and “finding ways to win the game“ (as one of my coaches used to always say) counts for both my professional life as for our home base, where my wife and I are raising three wonderful kids in a world where connecting the dots might just become even more important.