Dominik Schwarz

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Dominik Schwarz
Editor and Founder
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Munich
Other projects and organizations include: Studio K:100 and Instagram

My general motivation as a graphic designer is to enable my clients to speak with a clear voice in a noisy world. As a brand strategist within my studio "K100", I enjoy being invited to the world of my clients exploring the business approach, culture and history of their company in order to tell their story. In close dialogue, we "distill" their vision and mission, and develop their brand identity and design on that basis.


Having gained experience working with interdisciplinary teams on journalistic, urbanistic and scientific projects, I am finding it very inspiring to gain knowledge about the professional fields of my team mates as the linking part between different disciplines and thus shaped my craft as a moderator and visualizer of ideas.


In 2016, I founded Black Matter Editions, a publishing house for limited editions in the fields of contemporary fine arts and design. Together with my partner Dr. Björn Vedder i aspire to make artistic positions understandable to a broader public and share the fascination of owning an original artworks.


In book design, rather than building a stage. We develop a visual language that reflects the special character of each individuals work. For that reason we explore the artistic position and the creative process of the artist, illustrating it to the reader. The text infatuated art books usually contain content written from quite an elitarian point of view with a pure art historical focus. The texts we publish set the artistic positions in relation to our everyday lives: What is the world like and how do we want to live.


We are aiming on creating a platform with young artists and designers alike to raise the visibility of their work and to create an opportunity, that arts-people look at design works and the vice versa. We want to start this dialogue.