Easkey Britton

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 05

Easkey Britton
Co-founder and Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Galway

I was referred to THNK by Mira Gleisberg.



I am an internationally renowned, pioneering big-wave surfer from Ireland. Surfing is my active metaphor for life. Leaving the competitive circuit and pursuing big waves, adventure travel, research and artistic expression has given me the opportunity to explore more deeply the values surfing teaches and the importance of exploring more innovative and creative ways of applying/sharing those values to create positive social change.


My passion for the marine environment led me to co-found the Wellcoast network in 2010 and complete a PhD in Environment and Society, specialising in human wellbeing and coastal resilience last year. I am a member of the prestigious Science Gallery’s Leonardo Group at Trinity College Dublin, Remarkable Women by Nokia, the Sandbox community, and ambassador for the ‘Oxfam Heroes’ campaign, launching in 2014.  In 2013, I co-founded the Waves of Freedom Foundation. The initiative is founded on the belief in surfing as a powerful medium for creating positive social impact and empowerment, especially for more vulnerable groups like youth and women in areas of the world where it is not always easy to follow your passion. I traveled to Iran in 2013 to introduce the sport of surfing to women and local communities.


Currently writing for the online women’s magazine Sports International, and finishing a post-doctoral research fellowship with the 'Too Big To Ignore' project. I hope to build upon my ‘Anam Mara’ or 'Sea Soul' initiative, a global hub helping to create stronger, meaningful connections between people and the sea.