Ed Dean

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 07

Ed Dean
Co-Founder & Board Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: London

I was referred to THNK by Amelia Hurlbut.



Originally from London, I relocated to Shanghai in 2003 after 5 years working for digital and advertising agencies. In Shanghai, I founded JETT customer experience which is now one of China’s leading customer experience consulting companies with a team of 40 and clients including Apple, Disney and Virgin. As a side-project in 2013 I crowdfunded an iPhone accessory (on Kickstarter) which now sells through Apple retail among other channels.


My current focus is more sustainable and social in its outlook. In 2015 my objective is to launch Point62, a global initiative to change behavior and encourage a more proactive, consistent and measured approach to giving.


I am a regular presenter at conferences for organizations including Columbia Business School and GE (FastWorks). I've been a member of Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO) since 2011, and have similar objectives for joining THNK: to learn, to contribute, to share ideas with tomorrow’s influencers, and to make things happen.