Eduard Burer

Eduard Burer
Former Founding Director of Participant Recruitment
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer

I spent the past five years as part of the founding team of THNK, a global executive creative leadership program based in Amsterdam – it draws selected top corporate innovation leaders, disruptive creative entrepreneurs and inspiring social entrepreneurs from around the world to help them learn to be truly transformational leaders. My task was to find the most impressive people on the planet (no pressure), and every six months, create a group of 35 inspired change-makers who could help create solutions to large societal challenges and, at the same time, grow as leaders in their own businesses. In this role, I developed ties with groups such as McKinsey, TED, Ashoka, Skoll World Forum in Oxford, Venture Capitalists, Impact Investors, Tech for Good and the World Economic Forum Young Global Leaders network. How could I help but be inspired? I am also a parent. A few months ago my youngest son asked me, ‘Daddy, what did you become in life?’ I had to think for a few seconds, but my answer was: ‘Someone who helps other people find a job where they can make the world a bit better.’ I was happy I could give my son that answer – and that’s what I want to give everyone I work with: the opportunity to not only love their work but also feel truly good about what they do.