Elles Roeleveld

Elles Roeleveld
Chapter Lead Innovation and Processes
at ING
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 13

As Chapter Lead Innovation and Processes I focus on bringing the End-2-End customer journey and processes of our Business Lending clients to the next level. As entrepreneurs have their own business to take care of, we try to make our services as easy as possible. Together with a team of experts, I try to make the shift from being product oriented to customer oriented, from efficient to intelligent and from reactive to pro-active. A huge challenge even more when taking into account the continuous rise of new developments. My focus is on the translation to the daily practice of Business Lending, making sure we do the right things, at the right time, with the right people.


My current role gives me great energy. It is a gathering of passions that I have become more aware of over the years. Upon leaving University, I felt that every direction, and each topic would interest me, as long as I put the time and research to it. I still hold this to be true. However, my previous roles as a trainee, Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt and Business Lending Lead have shown me that working with the customer in mind, data-driven, in a diverse team of experts, with a continuous learning culture in which standards are there to be broken, are my key drivers.


Although I can completely lose myself in my work, my family is what is most important to me.  Together with my partner, we have two small children, Philine and Vigo. It is amazing to see their development, and the endless love you can feel for these little ones. These wonders keep me grounded, by putting things into perspective and always make me remember to enjoy the little things in life.


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