Elly van Gils

Elly van Gils
My experience and deep interests:
Other projects and organizations include: VAN GILS Consultancy
THNK connection: Leadership Coach

I am a business consultant, facilitator, and leadership coach.

I thrive on empowering individual professionals and executive teams to perform and collaborate from a position of personal strength, talent, and ambition towards realizing full potential and tangible results. I work purposefully and in the moment. I bring calm, maturity, and extensive experience.

I enjoy supporting and challenging professional experts as they craft their vision, build their strategy plans, and bring their teams along into the execution phase.

I offer signature programs for targeted audiences, such as individual leadership intensives, senior executive retreats, team building, strategic advisory, career development, and energy management.

My clients include global corporations and small to medium-sized organizations. They operate in innovative technologies, financial services, marketing, and trading. I also collaborate with social organizations that bring education and empowerment to the underprivileged in challenging conditions and environments. Much of my work is with global partners.

Dutch-born, in my twenties I lived in New Zealand. With the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit all around me, I first saw the power of both inspired and grounded leadership. I studied philosophy, ethics, adult education, sociology, and psychology.

Having had the privilege of many years working globally with designers and innovators gives me a rich frame of reference.

As THNK faculty, it is truly inspirational to witness participants develop themselves to the next level on their leadership journey.

Outdoor sports, gardening, and music are sources of joy and inspiration.