Elmira Askerova

Elmira Askerova
Head of family office
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Moscow
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 15

I grew up in a Soviet Republic of Azerbaijan. When at the age of 16 I applied to the university in Moscow, Russia and its economy survived its most dramatic period with new political and economic reforms just emerging. Since that turbulent time, I fell in love with economy and finance.

In 2001, I started my career at the most influential investment-banking boutique of that time - Renaissance Capital. This experience became a powerful driver for my career. During over 20 years of my financial career, I was growing together with Russian financial market and economy. I worked for the private equity and venture tech funds and in the corporate finance department of a large retail group. My ambition has always been to learn from the gurus in the field, so in 2015 I entered the MBA Executive programme at the Chicago Booth School of Business. In 2018 I decided to take a sabbatical for a year to reflect on my previous experience and design my future career path. As a result, I started my own project in capital allocation and portfolio management. I believe that a true leader has remarkable productivity, insatiable desire to learn and gain new skills, intellectual curiosity and a high level of physical energy.

I really love to travel, I visited almost all continents; I swam across the Bosporus and climbed the Kilimanjaro. In 2019 I am planning to run my first marathon. Physical and mental energy are inseparable to me, by maintaining high level of both I practice discipline and gain confidence and inspiration for the future.