Emanuel Monteiro

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 06

Emanuel Monteiro
Education and Environmental Training Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Oporto

I was born in Matosinhos, a coastal city next to Oporto, and as such the sea has always been a deep inspiration for me.

I am currently Environmental Education and Training Unit Manager at Lipor, where I lead the 18-strong team responsible for one million inhabitants' environmental awareness. Graduated in Social Education, I developed a special interest in the management of environmental projects, particularly in the waste management area. I have relevant experience in participatory plans development that aim the community involvement and in the individual and team training processes planning.

I am passionate about local politics, where I have been active since I was 17, and I believe that community engagement is activated by public participation actions and by their commitment to many specific causes. I often use motivational training to involve people emotionally as this has more behavioural change results.

My daily challenge is to develop strategies that promote socially and environmentally sustainable behavior, so I am very interested in social dynamics, people management and the way they are influenced by peers and social circumstances being one of the areas that I like to explore more intensely.

I am naturally unsatisfied and I seek continuous improvement in everything I do. I consider myself a modern and responsible manager, promoter of autonomy and experiences sharing, characteristics that I intend to activate within the THNK community.