Emiel Oswald

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 09

Emiel Oswald
Managing Director Risk Management Commercial Clients, Retail & Private Banking
I am based in: Amsterdam


I work in Amsterdam at ABN AMRO Bank, and am currently responsible for country wide credit risk management commercial clients, retail and private banking. The main focus in my current role is on innovating credit risk management, driven by my conviction that classic banks need to innovate and change fundamentally in multiple respects. Previously, I have held several positions within ABN AMRO ranging from Group Management Consultancy, to relationship management Corporate Clients, to leading complex change in integration projects.


I am passionate about development and change at individual and organisational level. With my participation in the THNK Creative Leadership program I am seeking: development of my innovative and creative leadership, to learn from and be inspired by professionals coming from different industries, to be challenged and inspired by new approaches to thinking, discovery, innovation and problem solving, and spending time and effort on a social impact project.


I live with my wife and two kids near Amsterdam. Besides spending time with family and friends, I like to travel and cook. My favourite sports are: running, mountain-biking, kendo and aikido.