Erik Schut

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Erik Schut
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam

I grew up in a family with five boys. Left the small town of childhood years and started with my university years in Rotterdam. The no-nonsense city proclaimed to be the cradle of Dutch economists. I was curious to understand the business world. I responded to the strong advice not to leave University without a fundamental understanding of what was just becoming part of the core curriculum, Information Technology, ‘might need to understand that’. 

I developed many friendships in those days, most still within reach. I highly value meeting new people and making connections. It is great to experience the value of each friendship.

The curiosity to ‘business’ led me right in the arms of one of the big firms specialized in Audit and Advisory. A fast forward speed course for those eager to learn, where the best learnings from working alongside many inspiring business leaders. I got attached to innovative projects, combining new tech potential with new value concepts. With the knowledge of today, there was great courage and big ideas. However, most of them were too early or too complex and lacked the massive market adaptation.

After that, I got married and we were blessed with one son. I experienced the magic of life to care, love and sometimes be a bit concerned. He has grown up into this young open and sociable man, who maintains many good friendships. I am proud of him and curious about his future.

Then I entered a period where I got in the position to lead. Leading the Consulting team in The Netherlands and part of our firms’ global team, implementing an ambitious change. We succeeded in a fast scale up, defined our culture for success and inspired, and were inspired by, many young talents. I learned the value of learning from the outside, via many inspiring entrepreneurs.

My out of office passion is running distance trails with my partner, at the very best places of nature. Think Iceland, Scotland, Norway, the Alps, the hills close to Pisa, and many more to explore.

At THNK, I hope to succeed in creating something new. In my endeavor, I will bring to life the fundamentals and vision of what puts the core value of business consulting into the new era. I am ready for an alternative approach.

Although I do not believe in superstition, I am very curious about the magic of THNK class 13…