Etienne Coerwinkel

Etienne Coerwinkel
Executive Coach
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Leadership Coach

I am an executive coach who works with leaders that are questioning their purpose and their leadership qualities and looking to become the best version of themselves, in work and in life. I focus on Purpose, Interpersonal Relationships, Diversity, Authentic Leadership.

I have been previously a Chief Risk Officer in banking, in which I have accumulated 30 years of experience in an international context, including several expatriations and cross cultural work with teams globally. I know the exigencies of an executive position, the stakeholder relationships, the strategy, and the impact leaders can have on their communities.

I have an MSc in Executive Coaching (HULT, Ashridge, UK), an MA in Philosophy (UVA, Amsterdam, NL) and an MSc in Economics and Finance (Université Jean Moulin, Lyon, France). I am an EMCC certified Senior Practitioner and I coach in the Dutch, English and French languages out of Amsterdam, in The Netherlands.

My core belief in coaching is an unconditionally positive regard towards my client. I am unafraid to go against habits and the existing culture, in pursuit of my client’s authentic voice. My Coaching style: I create a friendly space, free of any limits, conventions, pre-conceptions and stereotypes for professionals to pause and explore the leader, and person they aspire to be.

What clients can expect from working with me: I helps clients reaffirm their purpose and values, ensuring consistency and alignment across the board. By deepening their understanding of self and of the world around them, I help leaders maximise their capacity to motivate teams, increase focus, improve performance and strengthen their ties with the team, whilst remaining congruent and true to themselves.

I am gay and out in all aspects of life. Consequently, I am very conscious of diversity issues. I have also lost my husband early in our relationship. This experience taught me the value of life and how to adjust after losing someone. My interest in philosophy also allows me to facilitate existential discussions with my clients.