Fátima Alves

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 01

Fátima Alves
Design and Communication
I am based in: Lisbon


I am a communication designer and marketer, who is devoted to family and work, and an entrepreneur passionate about new challenges.


I am the managing partner and creative director of Modos de Ver, Design and Communication since 1992, committed to project management related to the branding of the company’s customers in the areas of graphic design, digital communication and promotional marketing. The taste for innovation and creativity, combined with appropriate techniques and technologies, are present in the implementation of products, engaging consumers and improving customers business.


Recently we introduced two new products to the market related to proximity communication: in the mobile segment, the App Memoupdate, and in the digital media segment the interactive displays Touch Screen, as a multi-brand platform. I hope to realize these projects and scale them both in internal and external markets.


I look to be a proactive manager adept at team building and tactical planning who has built and created brands from idea till launch. I am an active member in networking business groups, such as BNI (Business Networking International), PWN (Professional Women Networking) and WWW (Women Win Win). I am also a former basketball player, enthusiastic about team sports, as well as a lover of good walks by the sea with a lifetime companion - Scotty (my retriever).


My academic background has a strong artistic incidence, as I started studying Textile Design at António Arroio School and later Communication Design at Lisbon University of Arts. Academically my focus on marketing came with my PAME – Advanced Executive Program in Marketing at the Católica – Lisbon School of Business & Economics. I also have previous experience as a teacher of arts and crafts, drawing and graphic design in high school and in the School of Technology Innovation and Creation, in Lisbon.