Felipe Turell

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 10

Felipe Turell
 General Manager
I am based in: Madrid


Coming from a traditional Spanish family in Barcelona, I am anything but conservative; I driven by creative impulses.


A strong foundation of business ethics acquired by my solid educational and personal background have blended with my hospitality expertise and industry skills, providing me with a platform for change.


Feeding my curiosity and hunger for diverse experiences has led to years of extensive travel and exposure to enriching cultures - meaning I always strive to get a wider global perspective on life.


I was hired in my current role leading upscale hotels in Madrid, challenging conventional business models and applying my dynamic and entrepreneurial nature to break the traditional mold.


I was key in transforming the human resources structure from hierarchical top-down management to linear and flat management, empowering all levels in order to make them more accountable for the decision making process.


My aspiration is to develop a community-based project providing transversal training to disadvantaged people, coaching them in creating self-awareness; with this intensive mentoring I aim to enhance personal strengths and inspire vision and success. The core focus is not only on the job skills training, but also on collectively empowering people with ethics, life skills and ultimately driving positive social change.


I strongly believe that the THNK course is instrumental in learning the tools and skills necessary to roll out my passion and make it a reality.


I consider meeting colleagues from all walks of life an invaluable opportunity.