Ferdinand Wohlfahrt

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Ferdinand Wohlfahrt
Director of Transformation & Technology
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Zürich, Switzerland

I'm a passionate coach and curious learner. My curiosity and drive for leading change led me to start a career as a transformation consultant. I have had the privilege to coach and guide large companies such as Telekom, T-Systems, Porsche, Siemens and Airbus, as well as the Swiss University ZHAW on their transformation journey. Currently, I'm leading the Lean-Agile Center of Enablement and the transformation to a new way of working at Zurich Insurance Switzerland.

My passion as a coach and leader is to help companies achieve better outcomes for their business and customers by driving innovation and business agility. With my work, I'm strongly advocating alignment with shared values and working toward a common goal while maintaining the independence of teams from leaders and each other. Also, I'm enabling teams to develop ideas, validate them quickly with their customers and learn.

I love spending time with my wife and three children, travelling Europe together or discussing my kids' views of the world. In my free time, I like to help sports teams to master their challenges, and I can be found coaching youth teams in the Swiss handball league or at football tournaments. Additionally, I like to challenge myself in sports and find new energy and balance when biking or snowboarding in the Swiss, Austrian or German Alps or surfing the waves of the Atlantic.

For me, nothing beats a team. I feel it is essential to create a safe environment with good relationships in which arguments and ideas can be openly discussed and challenged and with room for rethinking and learning together.