Firas Aljarrah

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 18

Firas Aljarrah
Non-Profit Partnerships Senior Manager
My pronouns are: he/him/his
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Riyadh

Originally from Syria, I've lived my whole life in Saudi Arabia. I learned a lot from studying my bachelor’s degree away from family, and what shaped me the most is shifting my career from investment banking to social entrepreneurship through taking the risk and traveling all the way from Riyadh to San Francisco to study a master’s degree in the field. In addition to working with the government in the last two years and having a great exposure.

I believe that empowering the eco-system is what makes a huge difference in the long run, that’s why I’m enjoying (and learning a lot from) working on empowering the ecosystem of the non-profit sector. Also, I do a lot of coaching and mentorship in social entrepreneurship because I believe that it’s the ultimate concept that fosters sustainability across and within many sectors. I’m lucky and thankful that passion around fixing ecosystems is fulfilled in my job (which takes 75% of my time) and the coaching/ mentorship in social entrepreneurship is fulfilled in many other projects outside my job (which is the remaining 25% of my time).

I so much look forward to learning from others’ stories and endeavors, so passionate about analyzing people’s main themes and strengths, in love with getting with like-minded people. My top values are: beauty; simplicity; progress & growth; and impact & influence.