Firas Aljarrah

Firas Aljarrah
Deputy CEO
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Riyadh
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 17

Throughout my life, I've lived in the four major cities of Saudi, and I currently live in Riyadh.  I hold a Bachelor's degree in Finance & Economics from KFUPM, a leading university in the Middle East, then worked for four years in the Investment Banking field. In 2013, I decided to take a risk and move to San Francisco to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Entrepreneurship, and kick-start a new career path.

I believe that empowering others and supporting them to grow is the best investment any of us can make. Since 2016, I have been working in Tanweel on coaching programs that focus on improving the mindset and skills of different segments of youth and leaders, using impactful tools and practices and interactive approaches.

I'm specialized in social entrepreneurship, working a lot on raising awareness about it, as well as helping and mentoring individuals and entities on succeeding in their social entrepreneurial initiatives. I'm also passionate about impact investing, developing, learning, and spreading the word about sustainable tools and practices, and any ideas or initiatives that raise self-awareness and strengthen leadership with soul.

At heart, I'm a change-maker always on the look-out for the latest innovations and focused on bringing and communicating these to others.