Florentine Versteeg

Florentine Versteeg
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Florianópolis, Brazil
Other projects and organizations include: Manifesto 55
THNK connection: Faculty

I have been a group facilitator and trainer even before I knew what it was. As a young girl, I remember being called out as a "leader," sometimes positively, sometimes not, and it wasn't until I got the vocabulary and the tools that I was able to use my skills to facilitate, empower, and transform, instead of control and define. I believe in the power of intention and curiosity when designing processes that help people explore, reflect, grow, and learn.

I was born in the Netherlands but always had the desire to explore the world. I was privileged to travel and live in different countries as well as "grow up" in international organizations and spend time working with intercultural groups, listening, training, and facilitating. During these travels, I became aware that my privilege requires me to give back and make a change in the world.

After my Master's Degree in International Ethics, I moved to Brazil. Since 2009, I have lived and worked in both São Paulo and Florianopolis, where I currently live with my husband and two daughters. Brazil has offered me the space to connect with my drive and desire to work with diverse groups and design meaningful learning experiences and leadership development programs. After having worked with a variety of organizations (NGOs, companies, social enterprises), I co-founded Manifesto 55, to continue my work as a learning designer and facilitator.