Frank A. Mathiasen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 15

Frank A. Mathiasen
Head of Development and Innovation
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Copenhagen

I have always been fascinated by science fiction, astronomy and the planet in which we all live – in all aspects. In that context, my first truly great experience was when I saw the first Star Wars movie ten years old - it was amazing and the interest in the future, technology and science fiction has followed me ever since. Now I'm 51 years old and have gradually seen a large part of this world and met countless exciting people and I'm going to keep up with it. Therefore, my next stop is the trip to THNK.

I've lived my entire life in Copenhagen in Denmark and have always been surrounded by a big family with three siblings.

Throughout my career I have always been working with development and innovation in some way and today I work as Head of Development and Innovation in higher education. In that job I meet many exciting people of all ages with lots of initiative who want to make a positive difference - that gives me energy in everyday life.

Right now, I get the opportunity to unite my passion for helping young and older people with education with development in general. In addition, I love to practice sports and challenge myself on that front as well.

As a leader, I appreciate authentic people who take initiative and appreciate the value of doing things together.