Franklin de Bekker

Franklin de Bekker
Endeavor Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Business Coach, THNKer , AMS Class 12

I have a background in design (Rhode Island School of Design & Utrecht School of the Arts). Over the years I trained myself as an all-around creative strategist, strategic creative. I'm a thinker and do-er. I like to work on the edge of business, design and technology. I believe in the fading of definite disciplines. In my vision, T-shaped creatives will transform the way you and your company develop future products, services, processes and strategy.

Curiosity, Energy and Wonder are the most important aspects of my process of problem-solving. I go where those elements come together. Always starting by focusing on people’s needs and desires and trying to translate this into a technologically feasible and strategically viable way. Along this journey, I try to bring the necessary people. I love to build coalitions with great competencies, craftsmanship and passions. So that together as a team we create experiences that contribute to a new and better world.

For 13 years I enjoyed a career at Vandejong, a renowned Amsterdam-based Creative Agency. The last 5 years I was part of the management team where I partnered with brave individuals and leaders of organizations to create new platforms and ecosystem, using my strategic creative powers in forward thinking and doing.

In August 2018 I decided to burn my boat. I gave up my role and title in the agency-life in search for a better work-life balance. I’m ready to pursue new dreams. I get a lot of fulfilment from supporting others in their dreams. So I will continue to hustle as an Independent Innovation and Design Strategist and I have future aspirations in Leadership Coaching. After finishing my own THNK-journey in class 12, I’ll be back at THNK as an Endeavour Coach from September 2018 onwards. I’m looking forward to contributing to our community as a part-time faculty member.

Besides work I enjoy my life in Amsterdam, spending time with my girlfriend and friends in the city and at our family home in Zeeland (NL). I occasionally ride my motorbike (Honda Hornet CB900) to escape to the beach, and love to run, do yoga and enjoy art.

If you think we have something in common, feel free to connect.