Franklin de Bekker

Franklin de Bekker
Senior Creative Strategist
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 12

I have a background in design school (HKU & Rhode Island School of Design) and over the years I educated myself as an all-around creative strategist or a strategic creative. I like to work on the edge of business, creativity, and technology. I think multidisciplinary and believe in the fading of definite disciplines. Curiosity, Energy and Wonder are the most important aspects in my work process. I go where those elements come together. Along that journey, I try to bring as many people as possible. From their craftsmanship and in network connections I create projects that contribute to a new and better world.


I’m part of the management team of Vandejong, a renowned Amsterdam based Creative Agency. We partner with brave individuals or leaders of organizations to create new platforms and new ecosystems using strategic creativity and forward thinking and doing. I’m part of the Young Amsterdam Economic Board where I connect changemakers and experienced decision-makers to put plans into action together, to promote economic growth and increase livability in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. In my work at Vandejong & the Amsterdam Economic Board, I co-created Let it Grow for a large Dutch Corporate. Let it Grow is a new movement and ecosystem for green innovators, artists, and start-ups whose green innovations are shaping healthier, happier and greener cities.


Always open to connect and drink coffee.