Fraser Small

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Fraser Small
Director of Content
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
Other projects and organizations include: SmallFry

I am Scottish but live and work in Amsterdam. I have lived overseas for most of my life, notably China, Malaysia, Singapore, Netherlands, and Denmark. I believe that those experiences (plus going to Boarding school at a relatively young age) have influenced my personal and business outlook.

In my job, I am responsible for creating intellectual property across augmented reality, virtual reality, television, and consumer products. In my spare time, I've written a fiction book, four-film scripts and create/sell urban art under the artist name SmallFry.

Previously, I've been lucky enough to work on many of the biggest TV brands and learn from key leaders within that sector.

In leadership, I value honesty, hard work, and loyalty. I'm inspired by who believe in what they are doing and are willing to push through the hard times to get their dream achieved.

I was nominated to become a THNKer by Bas Verhart