Gaurav Mishra

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 03

Gaurav Mishra
Digital Marketer & Innovator
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Mumbai

I was referred to THNK by Liu Yan.



I help organizations, entrepreneurs and change-makers use design, technology and community to craft better futures.


As Founder and CEO of FutureCrafting, I am building a global community of early adopters who are using technologies like quantification, gamification and augmentation to improve themselves and become their best self, in the areas of wellness and learning. I am building a crowd-powered insights and innovations consultancy that helps organizations and entrepreneurs create such technologies through insights databases, inspiration workshops, and innovation challenges.


Previously, I studied at IIM Bangalore; held senior marketing roles at the Tata Group; taught social media at Georgetown University as the 2008-09 Yahoo Fellow; launched Ushahidi-based crowdsourcing-driven election monitoring platform Vote Report India; co-founded social business consulting firm 2020 Social (acquired by MSLGROUP/ Publicis Groupe); and created crowdsourcing-driven insights and innovation offerings for MSLGROUP’s global network.


I am widely considered to be a leading writer, speaker and maker at the intersection of crowd co-creation and social innovation. I have written and edited book chapters, reports, op-eds, a weekly newspaper column, a quarterly magazine, and an award-winning blog. Additionally, I have spoken at conferences, guest lectured at universities, led workshops for clients, joined award juries, and coached entrepreneurs all over the world. Elsewhere, I have helped create a crowdsourcing software, a social analytics software, and a social curation software, apart from several crowdsourcing-driven social platforms for clients.


I have been a 2008-09 Yahoo! Fellow, a 2009 SNCR Fellow, a 2009 TED Fellow, and a 2014 THNK Research Fellow.