Gemma Roex

Gemma Roex
Global Participation Manager
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Staff

Born in the Netherlands, and growing up in England, I was lucky enough to graduate from Oxford University with a Bachelors in History. I then spent 6 months travelling through South America (if anything this increased my wanderlust, rather than sating it). Having previously engaged with Social Enterprises and NGOs whilst at Oxford, I was eager to work in an environment that prioritises solving the complex global challenges that humanity is currently facing. I believe strongly in triple bottom line impact, and that it is through a balance of planetary, human and financial prosperity that we will be able to start to tackle some of these wicked problems.


My role at THNK is to curate the classes of the Executive Leadership Program. We work carefully to build out each cohort, maintaining diversity in terms of geographies, sectors, gender, and of course identifying the “secret sauce” that we look for in all our participants. Every day I am inspired by the THNKers; past, present and the potential future changemakers. If you feel like you might be a THNKer, or if there is someone in your network who fits the bill, then please do reach out (


When I'm not working at THNK you can usually find me on the lacrosse field or outside enjoying nature.