Gia D’souza

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 03

Gia D’souza
Director, Corporate Strategy Development
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Toronto


I have spent the last ten years working with several inspiring healthcare organizations and leaders to develop strategies that will modernize healthcare systems and lead to tangible improvements for patients and families. As a consultant, my journey has taken me to the UK, working with many NHS England organizations, as well as destinations closer to home in Ontario, Canada. I have worked with a wide array of organizations including Ministries of Health, provincial agencies, hospital corporations, community care providers, regulatory bodies as well as private sector corporations.


In 2006, I co-founded the Emerging Leader Forum, an organization that helps developing healthcare professionals learn from experts in the field, refine skills, build a community, and collectively develop ideas on how to enable transformation in healthcare.


I currently lead the strategy office for William Osler Health System, one of the largest community hospitals in Canada, as it plays a leadership role in the creation of an integrated local health system in Ontario.


I cherish my role as wife and mother to two inspiring kids, and embrace the challenge of nurturing both work and family. I am supported by my magnanimous husband, my faith and my unwavering belief in human kindness.