Gonçalo Pereira Esteves

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 02

Gonçalo Pereira Esteves
Director of Procurement for Social Intervention
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Lisbon


Since 2005 I have worked as a legal advisor with the largest charity in Lisbon (operating for over five centuries), Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lisboa, in both technical and management positions. I currently manage procurement for social intervention in the charity. Previously, I was director of the education, training and certification department. As a legal adviser I worked for the office of legal support, as well as the office of technical support, microcredit office support, female victims of violence support, social welfare and the area of civil and commercial law.


I am passionate about people and getting the best out of them with different, bold and dynamic methods, which gravitated me towards this organization. In my journey of continual learning, I especially seek out people with different work methods.


I am known for being a committed worker, fully devoted to my passion - which apart from people includes travelling, cooking and sports (running in particular). I believe that creative leadership is about bringing passion to another person by involving them in a project.