Graça Martins

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 04

Graça Martins
Creativity & Brand Strategist
I am based in: Lisbon

I'm a simple girl. I believe that I am no different to what I was when I was 6. Colorful from the outside to the inside. I choose what I wear and what I eat by selecting the color. I'm very emotional but also very rational and rigorous. I studied social communication, advertising, branding, history of art and I study everything I can. When we dine together, don't ask me to share the bill - I prefer to offer you the dinner. I like to work in a team. I taught semiotics and loved it, advertising psychology and communication theories as well, and then decided I was too young to teach. Then I worked worked worked and discovered working in what I love! To check if I was good at branding I created my own brand, called Bainha de Copas. Wearitage (inventing words is another passion) is a passion - transforming Portuguese wearitage or your personal history converted into something to wear that reminds you of something you like and makes you happy. And if you are happy, you will make other people happy. Quite basic. I did start by saying i'm a simple girl.

I love to create and to dive completely into what I do, that's why I prefer to be called crazy than to be a "mmm" creative, and I love strategy.

I love to connect the dots and to solve problems.

I also love to spot that problem nobody else has identified.  

My passion: patterns.

My purpose: giving meaning to things in a beautiful way.

I am inspired by anything - dead or alive: from a legend of a rabbi to the movements of a lobster; from a NASA photograph to a word game; from classics to tiles; from history to symbols; i'm trying to write things that I can prove that inspired real examples.