Grant Davidson

Grant Davidson
Program Director & Faculty
I am based in: Limburg, the Netherlands
Other projects and organizations include:  JustGrant
THNK connection: Faculty

For more than 20 years I have been at the forefront of Design Thinking, and ensuring that a corporation such as Philips could boast world-class competencies in Design, Marketing, and Innovation. During these 20 years, I have been providing leadership to large teams, ensuring the most fertile conditions for people to excel, develop themselves, and particularly achieve the best performance for the company.

For 8 of these years, I have been at the leading edge of the Philips Healthcare transition to people-centric solutions in healthcare institutes, leading to the propositions of Ambient Experience and Healthcare Consulting which are the epitome of inclusive thinking. Looking at challenges in a holistic manner, deeming the relevant inclusive strategy, and installing the appropriate multi-disciplinary teams to achieve extraordinary results, are some of the main strengths.

Now as an independent, I work with companies to set creative strategies, discover their innovative edge, and provide inspired executive coaching to support the resulting changes. At THNK, I revel in engaging with a highly diverse array of smart people, at decisive moments in their lives and careers, and helping them find and activate the breakthroughs they are looking for. It is with pleasure and gratitude that I am able to apply my knowledge and experience towards a stronger THNK, and the bigger purpose it represents.