Gunter Wehmeyer

Gunter Wehmeyer
Senior Innovation Strategist for Urbanism, Social Design, Green Infrastructure and Business Innovation
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 02

Fusing urbanism, design thinking and innovation strategy, I am fueled by solving complex challenges in the fields of Urbanism, Circular Economy and Green Infrastructure.


My background is in Landscape Urbanism/Urban Design, with extensive experiences in China, HK, UK and Dubai working on large scale Urban and Innnovation Strategies; both in the corporate environment and in entrepreneurial startups for social innovation and social design.


I´m currently working as creative director at Enginn Circular Economy Incubator embedding design thinking and circularity in their vision, programs, processes and execution. Furthermore building up the Department of Wilderness as part-innovation lab, part-academy and part-soil on inspiring and implementing new ways of thinking about land, wilderness and re-wilding in global cities.


It´s the age of the practical idealist. A feral responsibility for being different!