Gunter Wehmeyer

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 02

Gunter Wehmeyer
Urbanist & Researcher
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Utrecht
Other projects and organizations include: Gunter Wehmeyer

I'm a Netherlands based German designer, urbanist and researcher fuelled by design-driven innovations generating creative, social and economic opportunities to global urban and societal challenges in the fields of Urbanism and Future Ecologies. I worked extensively on a variety of international locations (China, HK, UAE, UK), fields and mediums with a strong desire to effect, create and impact positive sustainability change for cities, landscapes, and economies.

In recent years, I have worked in corporate, educational and entrepreneurial roles investigating how to apply urbanism to ecosystems, designing and curating incubators/innovation spaces while stretching the use and agency of creative practices to fast-track research across education, society and industry at scale.

I'm currently completing a practice-based PhD by Design at the University of Manchester on the use of design and creative practices to fast-track research from across design disciplines, that means to act as a driver for innovative responses to contemporary societal or organisational challenges.

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