Hanif Janmohamed

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 02

Hanif Janmohamed
Design Consultant
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Vancouver


I am a designer, artist and creative talent, with many years of experience across design disciplines. I bring an open mind to the executive design space, a capacity for thoughtful innovation to creative and cultural enterprise, and a history of hands-on experience in developing successful and well-received projects. I excel in the ideation and realization of elegant, comprehensive solutions for complex design spaces, and engages in a committed art practice. My design and art work has won numerous awards, and has been exhibited at international venues including the Museum of Contemporary Art-LA, the Milan Triennale, the Vitra Museum, the Art Gallery of Ontario, Vancouver Art Gallery, and Surrey Art Gallery, among others.


In my professional practice, I have leveraged my experience and capability to engage successfully in major projects with both playfulness and a beginner’s mind. I enjoy building and working with teams and collaborating with like-minded people who ask interesting questions, push boundaries, and exert a positive inuence on our collective spinning trajectory. 


As a design consultant, I currently engage in commissions and projects involving complex design challenges and explores design horizons through creative R&D. My ongoing artisticpractice is centered on concepts of self, home and world, and the recursive nature of the realms that we inhabit and are inhabited by.