Hans Looijen

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 05


As CEO of Het Dolhuys, The Museum of the Mind in Haarlem (Amsterdam Metropolitan Area), I work towards a better understanding of the notions on normality. Het Dolhuys is becoming more and more of a platform from which we investigate the boundaries between normal and abnormal as well as deviant behavior.


In the past, I owned and led, for over ten years, a design-organizing bureau. I did many projects in information design. Not too long ago, while thinking things over, I found a major connection between many of the dots: social engagement dominated most projects. Through my activities I want to stimulate social change, always from the human perspective. I have worked for NGO’s and cultural institutions; I also have done some minor commercial work. I've spent most of my life in the crossover zone consisting of cultural and social issues.


I am a socially-involved person, an art-omnivore, an amateur Maya enthusiast, and particularly enjoy comparative cultural studies. Next to managing the Het Dolhuys museum I have several additional functions as advisor for an outsiderart gallery, a new museum and a major Dutch cultural fund. I am also chairman of the International Madness & Arts Foundation, a foundation which facilitates the international and multidisciplinary Madness & Arts Festival where art and madness ‘meet’ at different places in the world. Currently I am working on bringing this festival to China.