Helen Steptoe

Helen Steptoe
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I’ve always been curious about what drives a person’s behavior and how can individuals discover and align their talents with what they do, to be able to thrive personally and professionally.

As a facilitator of personal transformation programmes, ICF Accredited Professional Consciousness Coach, and independent business consultant, specialized in people development, I combine business insight, learning, consciousness, and inspiration.

With over 21 years’ experience working for a global consultancy, focusing on designing and implementing learning solutions within multinational organizations, managing change initiatives and facilitating leadership development programmes to achieve business success and financial growth. At the same time, I witnessed tensions between formal organizational structures and the human need for connection, purpose, meaning, and inspiration in daily life and decided to focus on the development of conscious leadership.

By applying conscious principles, I support individuals to expand awareness, improve self-mastery and make a positive and sustainable impact on their environment and beyond. As a result, clients can experience greater empowerment and engagement, productivity and performance, better communication and collaboration, more energy and inspiration, balance and authenticity and more impactful and sustainable relationships.

Inspired by (human) nature, art and innovation, I am ever curious to explore perspectives and create new solutions from a context of unlimited possibilities, discovery and an appreciation for the learning journey.

Born British, I have lived in Germany and The Netherlands for the past 26 years and am currently based in Amsterdam with my three children.