Holley Kholi-Murchison

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 07

Holley Kholi-Murchison
Education Producer, Strategist, Multimedia Storyteller
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: North Carolina
Other projects and organizations include: Holley's website

Growing up in New York City taught me the art of confidently speaking up for what you believe in, the necessity of building relationships through meaningful connection, and the power of communities supporting and educating each other. I've always gravitated toward opportunities that push me past the edges of my comfort zone to apply those lessons in pursuit of my dreams.

Before starting my own businesses, I honed my entrepreneurial approach through 15 years of fast-paced, decision-making positions across multiple industries including education, tech, and entertainment. From artist management, speaker coaching, and leadership training to education strategy, curriculum design, and facilitation – I use my passions for communication and storytelling, critical thinking, and unconventional learning to effect sociocultural change.

Now as a founding partner of HOLI. Brands, my work explores the intersections of communication, culture, and education to amplify marginalized voices solving some of the world's most pressing challenges. In my day-to-day, I lead our human development agency, Oratory Glory. Then I guide the expansion of our speakers collective and cultivate global partnerships to design experiences and goods that help emerging leaders develop the confidence, skills, and attitudes to execute their ideas and realize their potential.