Hong Sin Kwek

Hong Sin Kwek
Founder & Game Changer
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 10


I have spent my entire career serving clients, working on business development, and introducing cutting edge technology to resolve issues from various business angles. I established my company Phoenixict with the intent to recognize the great skill and expertise of the crowd to bridge businesses effectively and efficiently through genuine relationships and connections. Creating the vision “nurture talent, innovate culture and bridge people/business to world class hub”. Leveraging on crowd wisdom, we support the market idea through crowdfunding and crowdsourcing.


With a passion to drive global crowdfunding, I took the lead in creating the first Crowdfunding Asia Summit to raise awareness. Branded in Singapore, I enrolled the support of the international practitioners to join forces and promote Crowdfunding as an industry to sync with international development. I am committed to supporting Asia's potential and innovation leveraging on crowdfunding as a strong alternative funding for startup, innovators and entrepreneurs; creatively even existing business expansion worthiness. I have worked with Asean government and enterprises to address major ICT, cyber-security and forensic challenges.


I acquired my skill set through my experience working in various industries’ successes. My commitment to developing strong networks was showcased over the years through conferences, events and activities. Bridging relationships, entrepreneurial leadership and continuous business engagement are strengths of mine. With my passion and energy, I am highly sought after for business collaborations and idea manifestations. I have been instrumental in setting standards by working with technology providers in many vertical fields. I am a firm believer of good business practices by means of building trust, integrity and ethics.