Hussa Al Humaidhi

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 11

Hussa Al Humaidhi
Founding Partner & Managing Director/Partner
My experience and deep interests:

I was referred to THNK by Luma Shihabeldin.

Fascinated by the deeper meaning of positive change, my curiosity has taken me through a journey of civil activism, cultural awareness and creative education in parallel to starting up the first local specialized branding agency in Kuwait.

I attained my BS from AUB in 2007. In 2008 I co-founded a civil awareness organization called SoutAlkuwait (The Voice of Kuwait) that advocates civil society and constitutional awareness. In 2009, I founded Raw Design Studio, and am currently the Managing Director and Strategist. I am also a partner and active Knowledge Director of Nuqat a non-profit creative education organization.

I worked on different facets for positive change and dabbled in politics and civic engagement but found myself leaning more towards education. With my strong views on education and where it is going, I believe people can be transformed by the enrichment of their minds through creative learning experiences.

I believe that the Middle East has innovative creative energy, but education reform is required for us to build the foundations of a creative economy. This will allow a more open, co-creative, expressive, tolerant, sustainable and happier society for upcoming generations. First we need to create a community of like-minded knowledge seekers, then build the foundation with the community for educational reform and cultural change. Nuqat has grown to be the largest creative community in the MENA for creative education, gathering all those interested in creativity to engage, inspire and execute projects together. While Raw Design is focusing on branding and strategy for SMEs, there are plans to pivot to a multidisciplinary solution based design studio.


A musician at heart, I experienced how creativity in music and other arts can transform, heal and change the state of mind. My journey in music aided my personal, spiritual and professional growth. Improvisation has taught me how to flow with group synergy and be part of a harmonious production, which is the heart of collaboration and co-creation.