Ina Catrinescu

Ina Catrinescu
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
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Other projects and organizations include: SHFT Happens
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Having spent the first decade of my life behind the grey and impenetrable Iron Curtain, I was taught very well how to work hard, follow orders and obey rules in the interest of the collective. Growing up in such a setting also equips one with X-ray vision where systems that are decaying from within are concerned. After the wall came down, all former Soviet countries experienced economic upheaval, but with time, most countries recovered. This was not the case for Moldova. Our economy deteriorated – a classic example of change gone bad. It is a bit ironic then that change became a hallmark for my life. I was schooled in a communist regime, high-schooled in a democratic one, studied in the USA, graduated a British Bachelor’s and an International Master’s degrees, lived abroad for most of my life, changed nationalities, and worked in change, leading global adoption at Fortune Global 500 companies for over 20 years. I was living a full and busy life.

All the while, I dreamt of a world where business would be less about being busy and more about being of service; where houses of cards would become houses of hearts; where we would squander less time on cold economics, reclaim our most valuable commodity (time) and devote it to what’s right and what matters; devote it to living meaningful lives and our purpose.

In 2018, when I launched SHFT Happens, I went from changing companies to changing lives. I reschooled myself to become a coach, yoga teacher and an Emotional Intelligence therapist and became more grounded to do what mattered to me most: making sure that people have the emotional and behavioral foundation they need to feel worthy, feel seen, and live better lives. I relished just how palpable, immediate, and rewarding it felt to see the impact that our programs had on our participants. The inspiration came while writing "Burnout to Breakthrough,” on the heels of my recovery from a second episode of burnout.

Today, I have the privilege of doing both – helping both individuals and companies make the changes they need. For that, I am thankful.