Ingrid Bruynse

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 14

Ingrid Bruynse
I am based in: Amsterdam
Other projects and organizations include: eduVation

Not scared of making big changes or inspiring shift in others.

My life is an adventure and this is my second act: the first half was South Africa, educational media, consumer education, and media development for social change.

This life half is more global, connecting learning spaces with our best-imagined future as humanity – bridging the divides, sparking learning and connection.

So I tick the boxes for both intrapreneur and entrepreneur: I have worked as a broadcaster (educational broadcast), publishing (educational textbooks), media institutes, and lectured at universities in media, learning, and education. Also, 14 years ago, I made a leap: from corporate to startup, into my own business, and Bright Media has done lovely things, from consumer education projects for financial capability, gender, and LGBTI projects. I still keep up academic conferences, and will always have more ideas than is possible to implement.

Forward projects will include:

  1. Diversity and inclusion to startups to scale-ups
  2. "When school hurts" AI-assisted support for digital inclusion
  3. Re/school network: sparking self-organized learning communities through research, rethinking and rebuilding learning for future humanity
  4. Mentoring and coaching founders and entrepreneurs and those with executive function challenges
  5. Stress Support: re/learning how our bodies heal themselves and getting out of the way for that to happen
  6. Jungian individuation coaching for personal development strategies