Ingrid Bruynse

Ingrid Bruynse
Founder & Director
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Johannesburg
Other projects and organizations include: Unlimited Potential Coaching
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 14

I am a serial learner who is curious and solutions driven. I am full of ‘why don’t you’ advice on a range of issues. I find accessible solutions to the issues I encounter in the world, and somehow these always involve learning and some kind of media.

My first job was teaching teachers in Soweto in the 1990s. I learned that learning needs to be multi-modal: face-to-face in class time AND off-site and learner-paced. My parallel “non-contact” learning plan kind-of grew into textbook and dictionary publishing of a new curriculum for Macmillan, then into an educational broadcasting at SABC. After that, I started my own social enterprise, Bright Media.

As a social entrepreneur, I integrate media to share knowledge and change behavior. It is a passion for me to solve wider societal learning gaps through collaborative projects; from child support animation to financial capability, to learning media production and how to be an entrepreneur.

My use of research has led to identifying gaps in the education system, like financial literacy, which has been my focus for the past few years.

My new passion project is teens and adults with ADHD and giftedness, and those transitioning to higher education. The project envisaged is “when school hurts”: for learners with anxiety, learners who are not neurotypical, those gifted, learning disabled and both. What can we do to support and coach those who are failed by mismatched education systems? I hope to make a difference through a new global learning media project.

In my free time, I am setting up a globally-connected media skills school to grow on-demand skills for the media making industry in Gauteng province.