Isabelle von Boetticher Fouchard

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Isabelle von Boetticher Fouchard
Coach, Activist, Catalyst for Holistic Well-being
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: Port-au-Prince
Other projects and organizations include: Cayae's Instagram

I grew up between Germany and Haiti with two siblings, a Haitian mother who taught me how important family ties, ancestors, and traditions are, and a German father who inspired my love and respect for flora and fauna, and how important it is to sometimes break and redefine traditions.

I studied Business Administration and International Management and have held leading positions in Talent Management and Organizational Development in multinational corporations as well as non-governmental organizations. The efficiency and well-being of executives and employees were always the main theme during my career.

In parallel, I began to explore and consciously practice my personal path to healing and well-being due to a chronic disease and the sudden loss of loved ones.

Being a working mom and juggling my career and my relationship at home, literally pushed me over my limits and forced me to question my values and my purpose in life. So I went on a journey, to find my personal well-being, following different schools and methods, to finally live and master my life’s journey holistically.

My journey and how to support others consciously find their state of wellbeing and happiness has become my passion and professional objective.

I use great sensitivity and successfully applied methods from different teachings to guide even skeptical personalities to a healthier, happier, and more fulfilling life.

My goal is to support my clients in finding their own interplay of well-being factors and to actually anchor it in their everyday life, to achieve their goals, and to tap into their full potential.

I was nominated to become a THNKer by Regine Zamor