Isis Linzey

Isis Linzey
Program Manager
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
THNK connection: Staff

I am from St. Maarten/St.Martin, a unique island in the Caribbean. The island is also a known cultural melting pot, so I was able to experience different cultures and perspectives from people from all over the world.

Being exposed to many perspectives has sparked my interest in people and creativity. In the Netherlands, I studied International Leisure Management. During my studies, I was intrigued by Imagineering, marketing and project management. I later returned to St. Maarten to do my internships and also learned how I could do my part to help my island. During my internships, I discovered I have a passion for project/event management and brainstorming different scenarios. Being able to brainstorm, create a concept and make concrete details to execute the vision of a program or event is ultimately something I enjoy. Additionally, I have worked in hospitality, tourism and retail.

With my experience, I am elated to be at THNK, which is aligned with my passions and values. When I am not working, I enjoy making creative designs and learning more about technology.