Itai Talmi

Management Consulting
Tel Aviv
Today, in a VUCA world, one strategic imperative stands above all: Adaptivity. I help aspiring organizations become Hyper-adaptive and Future-ready for unprecedented realities and radical futures. My reshaped firm, BORN, is a new kind of strategic futures research & consultancy suited for the New Normal and VUCA world. I help clients to explore, transform and adapt to a preferable future. Simply put, my focus is on making sense of multiple futures for making better choices and decisions about innovating, transforming, or scaling. As a multidisciplinary team, we dive into multiple relevant future scenarios, uniquely combining Strategic foresight, speculative design, systems and design thinking, organizational design, Art, and fiction, to create new strategies, experiences, services, programs, and organizational designs that stimulate your innovation efforts.
Parallel to BORN, I'm a frequent speaker and teacher at Design, management and entrepreneurship schools and associations, about various issues relating to integrating Strategic Futuring and Speculative design, radical future of work and adaptive organizations. For my soul/sanity/future, I help local and worldwide NPO's in the areas of Human/children rights, empowering future social entrepreneurs, and social design think-tanks.
Living with my beloved Efrat and my daughter Eva. Peace & Bliss.