Itai Talmi

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 01

Itai Talmi
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Tel Aviv

I work in the space between the edge of now and alternative futures. I help clients reveal alternative future possibilities and what they can do about it. 
I also help pioneers, entrepreneurial projects and brands to sense, prototype and scale alternative futures into desired and viable innovations.

I'm an innovation strategist and R&D practitioner for over 25 years worldwide. I’ve been designing and choreographing Strategic Futures R&D and Innovation Initiatives as an executive, a senior consultant in top global agencies, a founder and partner at Dave (a global strategy and customer experience agency in London), and as an entrepreneur, all over the world.

I have led projects for Fortune 500 companies, NGO'S, cities (like Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Herzliya), countries (like the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, Caribbean islands) next to academy, and special projects for entrepreneurs. Among my clients: C2,, THNK, Orange, Carnival cruises, GAP, Holmes Place, VIM, Keystone, and more.My work combines four major disciplines: systems design, speculative design, strategic foresight, and design thinking: all in favour of developing viable bespoke transformative innovation projects.

I'm a founding-participant and an ambassador of THNK since 2011. I've studied in Melbourne, Amsterdam, and in London: phenomenology, art, media studies, design strategy, business & marketing strategy, innovation and brand management. Mostly, an autodidact. A proud father to Eva.

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