Iwona Fluda

EMERGE - Class 06

Iwona Fluda
Founder & CEO
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
I am based in: Bern, Switzerland
Other projects and organizations include: Organic Cosmetics and RE-IMAGINING THE WAY WE TRAVEL
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I am the founder of the Ministry of Creativity LLC, a Swiss-based enterprise with the mission to bring more creativity to the world through creative workshops, business approaches and strategies. 

Ministry of Creativity LLC has two brands:

Creative Switzerland - an online booking platform with creative activities and the vision to preserve cultural and creative heritage through digitalization.

Organic Cosmetics - an online shop with vegan and fairly made care products that work to help girls and women in need. 

I have two bachelor's degrees in Applied Geography and German as a Foreign Language, and two master's degrees in Applied Human Geography in Tourism Development and Destination Management as well as German Philosophy. I also speak at and facilitate workshops on creativity, creative skills, responsible social entrepreneurship and leadership.

During my spare time I enjoy exploring my passions for creativity, traveling, hiking, reading and deep conversations, and I am fluent in English, German, and Polish.