Jacqui Nelson

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 17

Jacqui Nelson
Chief Development Officer
My pronouns are: she/her/hers
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Wellington, New Zealand

I am fortunate to live in Aotearoa, New Zealand, the first country in the world to give women the vote in 1893.

As Chief Development Officer at Contact Energy, I lead the company's decarbonisation strategy to build a better New Zealand. I am responsible for creating new demand for our products while developing a pipeline of renewable energy solutions, both traditional and innovative. I am focused on seeking truly sustainable partnerships with stakeholders and taking an intergenerational view of Contact's activities and our impacts.

I've held a diverse range of roles connecting with different people and innovating, with experience in banking and finance, organisational change, operations, strategy, management and governance.

My real passion lies in the people I connect with. I embrace the challenge of leading cultural change to create a safe, inclusive and nurturing environment in which people are motivated to be their best selves and add value. My purpose is to have a significant impact in helping and encouraging them to achieve amazing outcomes and to have fun doing it.

In leaning into this passion, I have learned much which I incorporate into all that I do. My work at Contact with our iwi partners, for example, has exposed me to their powerful and sensible cultural practices around stewardship of resources. The iwi ethos of guardianship - kaitiaki - a focus on what we’re leaving for future generations is something we can all align behind and resonates loudly for me.