Jan Paul Grollé

Jan Paul Grollé
Endeavor Coach
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Amsterdam
THNK connection: Business Coach

Digital transformations have been the key focal point of my work since the mid-nineties. I worked in business-to-business and scientific publishing, in roles varying from financial reporter to global divisional executive. In all these roles I behaved as an intrapreneur, repeatedly initiating new initiatives and getting them funded, and as a result led organizational improvements, corporate incubators and managed strategic partnerships.

Now an independent coach and investor, I use my experience and network to help create digital offerings that generate both financial and social returns. My experience as an intrapreneur now has me involved in promising new initiatives to make large enterprises more successful at selecting and scaling new innovations.

At Rockstart, we help corporate clients to find and connect with the right startups, and accelerate their innovation by working with them. At ScaleUpNation, we help large enterprises to speed up the growth of their ventures, by focusing their governance on key scaling factors and helping the venture leaders to remove blockers of growth.