Jane Fifield

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 03

Jane Fifield
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Glasgow

A visionary that engages others in the adventure to deliver. My superpower is the ability to simplify anything (initial campaigns achieved outstanding response rates; 56% for a direct mail campaign and 40% for a door-drop). I like, know, and have empathy for human nature and I avoid jargon at all costs, believing that language should never create barriers to understanding.

I have experienced and understood the past, can see cultural trends that are on repeat, and know how they will play out in the present with new tools employed. Always alert to what's happening on the margins, I have an uncanny ability to see futures that are not apparent.
In my element, I create confidence in others; with the aim of producing profit that is re-invested to benefit society, which appears to me, to be the very best we "can do."

If you want someone to "make things happen" (preferably on a broader integrated canvas), I can. Not a brand, I am an introvert (INFJ) and considerably more interested in the success of the business I work with than in myself. Enjoying personal freedom, fueled by a persistent curiosity for life.

The breadth and depth of my experience are securely underpinned by a rare understanding of a broad spectrum of business, having worked at a strategic level in public, private, third sectors and management consultancy, established startups, managed recessions, enjoyed the "dot com bubble" and a grasp on culture that few could better.