Jens Lindgård-Paley

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 16

Jens Lindgård-Paley
Freelance Senior Leadership for hire profile
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Oslo

I am Norwegian, born in the countryside close to Trondheim, now living in Oslo with my wife and two kids. I have also lived in the UK (Bedfordshire and London), and in Stockholm, Sweden. Related my work, I have traveled a lot in the Nordic region over time. I did my studies partly in the UK.

For the last 12 years, I have owned my own company and worked as a freelancer. I appreciate the freedom this gives and all the different settings I am challenged to lead on my way. Before this, I have both CIO and CEO experience from fast-growing companies/startups.

I come from a large family, had a good childhood, and have been lucky "growing up" surrounded by people that both sat standards and supported me. This has formed me into a person you can trust, I have integrity, I work hard, and I look for potential in others, they might not always see themselves.

I am passionate about climate change and how in so many areas we can take action to prevent the killing impact this has on the globe. I hope to work with this going onwards.