Jess Fraser

Executive Leadership Program - Vancouver Class 01

Jess Fraser
Co-Founder & Principal
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Vancouver


I am the co-creator of Mobile Movement – a 21st century crowd-funding and investment platform dedicated to bringing trust and transparency back to global giving.


Mobile Movement provides smart phones, training and a public platform to economically disadvantaged entrepreneurs and community leaders – supporting them in telling their stories, generating creative partnerships, and receiving investment.


It offers micro-philanthropists the opportunity to interact with people they invest in from start to finish, facilitating a sharing of knowledge and resources that ensure people at the bottom of the pyramid are seen, heard and supported in an unprecedented way.


I value progressive ideas that create change and make courage contagious.  An experienced creative film producer, I have worked on features and documentaries that have competed at Cannes, Berlin and Toronto International Film Festivals.  In addition, I run Section 2, a production company that produces a broad range of media for organizations, corporate citizens and NGOs.