Joana Pinheiro

Executive Leadership Program - Lisbon Class 06

Joana Pinheiro
Community Developer
I am based in: Lisbon

My dream is a very different world from the current one, with more conscious and happier human beings that live in harmony with each other and nature. That is what lights me up to fulfill my part so that one day it will exist.

I graduated in Economics and I desired to create a "new" economy, which contributes to a happier and more balanced world. That is the journey I am on.

In 2009, I started that journey by volunteering in Kenya through AIESEC. I chose to dedicate my professional life to social change projects – social entrepreneurship, inclusive employability, collaborative networks, and NGOs.

In that scope, I collaborated with microcredit projects, social business prototyping, mentoring migrant and refugee entrepreneurs, and supporting unemployed people and developing training programs.

More recently, I have dedicated my time to one of the most beloved topics for me: integrating collaborative networks (REBM, Rede EFE, Lisbon CLLD Network) and researching that topic (Govint).

Finally, my biggest tool to achieve my dream is my own transformation which I embrace every day of my life, and I fully believe that is the key to wisdom and creativity and to create a better world!