João Paulo Lovo

João Paulo Lovo
International Visiting Attorney
My experience and deep interests:
THNK connection: THNKer , AMS Class 12
I was born and raised in the Brazilian countryside, enjoying a very calm and predictable lifestyle. My curiosity and passion have pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a well-accomplished student in Brazil, having been accepted to the top law school (USP) and business school (FGV) in the country. From there, I have always worked on the intersection of business, finance and law.
Since then, I have always been on the move: 10 years ago I decided to relocate to the US, first to the Silicon Valley and later to New York, eventually obtaining a master degree in Tax Law from Northwestern University, and working in a leading international law firm (Skadden, Arps). This move has allowed me to build a diverse network of friends and colleagues, from entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to lawyers in Palo Alto, New York, Chicago, Mexico City, Sao Paulo and Brussels.
A “political nerd”, I have been obsessed with the ever-changing political landscape in my three beloved countries (Brazil, USA and UK), following closely what’s going on and the implications to our world. I am also passionate about traveling with my wife, constantly thinking of our next destination and staying open minded about ideas and projects that we can successfully apply from one place to another. That will be my focus for my Endeavor during the Creative Leadership Program: on the potential of combining tourism with local community and stakeholder engagement, especially in places under economical distress, where my background can be instrumental.