Joel Monk

Joel Monk
My experience and deep interests:
Other projects and organizations include: Coaches Rising
THNK connection: Leadership Coach

I am a coach, teacher, and entrepreneur in equal measures. I am dedicated to exploring and living the question “What is it to awaken and live fully and genuinely impact the world in my own unique way?”

I believe creative entrepreneurs will save the world and am on a mission to support them to do so. I am a Co-Founder of Coaches Rising, a leading online training provider to coaches around the world, collaborating with some of the brightest minds in the coaching field in the process.

I also love to design and facilitate transformative learning experiences. I designed the curriculum for the Socionext Entrepreneurship Challenge, which is now run in 3 countries – South Africa and Denmark, and the Netherlands (where I am the lead facilitator). An avid practitioner, my current practice involves leaning into my edge and embracing my fears.

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