Johan Murillo

Executive Leadership Program - Amsterdam Class 13

Johan Murillo
Founder and Consultant
My experience and deep interests:
I am based in: Costa Rica

Growing up as an only child in Costa Rica required me to invest a lot of time playing with LEGO bricks, drawing tools, and musical instruments. I dreamed to be a musician, architect, or astronaut.

The years passed and I'm still using LEGO bricks, playing the bass guitar, doodling instead of taking notes, and feeling proud of my fellow countryman Franklin Chang, former NASA astronaut.

As an Industrial Engineer, I had the opportunity to lead strategic initiatives to facilitate organizational growth across multiple domains such as sustainable development, outsourcing, technology services, global shared services, non-profit development, consulting services, business transformation, and mergers and acquisitions.

In those efforts, I learned that everything rises and falls on leadership. I decided to do something about it by not only working on my own leadership but by helping others to become better leaders.

I believe leadership can be designed to transform cultures. That's why I'm passionate about traveling and exploring how recent discoveries in different fields can help me to do it.

I am focused on establishing a consulting firm that provides the principles, tools, and processes to help organizations to design the leaders that they need. Through the services and products of this firm, I visualize organizations and countries applying principles of design and science of play to produce the learning and development experiences that enable their people to transform their realities. Under this endeavor, I want to create a nonprofit extension which will apply the same concepts with children in my country in order to develop the leaders of the future.

While doing this, I expect to continue playing my bass guitar, keep swimming three times per week, take drawing lessons, and watch new Marvel Cinematic Universe movies with my wife.